Adkins Bullwhips -   Quality Made Leather or Nylon Bullwhips

Hey Dirk

Happy Saint Paddy's Day. I hope all is well with you, Leslie and the folks who care about you. 
I've been running and gunning as usual and haven't had  a chance to get back to you. I have been riding with your whip exclusively since last we spoke and really been enjoying it. Today we had some challenging wet weather, another perfect opportunity for a test drive. I'm very please with the balance, performance and accuracy of both the whips you've made for  me, but my favorite is the newer one you sent. Great job partner. I'll continue to use and recommend your excellent craftsmanship.
I know Colin is also very pleased and I hope that continues to be a mutually beneficial professional relationship.
Best always from Mary and I and all the beasties at Rancho Indalo.
Anthony De Longis    - Actor, Fight Director, Weapons Expert, Producer / Director

“I first purchased one of Dirk Adkins 7ft De Longis style whips after a visit to Rancho Indalo. Anthony had a few of them that we put though the paces and I was impressed. Dirk was very professional to deal with and did a nice job replicating the weight, shape and feel of Terry Jacka’s bullwhips. The whip I received was well crafted with a smooth, fluid action. It’s accurate, has a good balance, rolls out easily and cracks readily. I’m very pleased with it, it does what it’s designed to do and I would not hesitate to recommend his work or do business with him again.
Dan Borton - Michigan”


I did a lot of research before I decided to order an Indy whip from Dirk Adkins. I must say that all my research paid off. The whip is magnificent, absolutely a work of art. It is great to see that such pride in craftsmanship is alive and well in America. I will definitely be ordering more whips from Adkins Bullwhips.
Jeffrey Day

I've had my new ten footer now for a few weeks and to tell you the truth, I just love it. It cracks so easy, has the tightest roll out, and loudest crack. I've become a big fan of your whips Dirk. The feel, the look and the weight can only be described as awesome. Pick up an Adkins whip and you can tell from the start, you have a quality whip in your hand. Thanks yet again.
 I received my whip Thursday. When I pulled it from the box I looked it over end to end. Not only did it meet my hopes and expectations it surpassed them. It cracked for me on the first try. You are a true craftsman!
 Greg - Edwardsville, KS 
I received my wonderful Indy 4  whip last Friday and all I can say is you are a true craftsman. This is a true work of art, I could not be happier it cracks with little effort and man is it loud.
This has been one of the best purchases I have made and I would recommend you to anyone who wants a nylon whip. Thank you Dirk for making this whip that I will enjoy for a long time it is truly a work of art.
Steve Youngblood
well dirk i finally got a chance to take the whip out and all i can say is WOW this raiders whip is perfect everything the plaiting the roll out the crack everything this is a work of art you have delivered each time but this time you have out done your self i cant thank you and your family enough man thank you for this awesome whip. 
Mike- Missouri
I did receive the Bullwhip on Monday and took it out right away and cracked it first try.  I have two other whips made of kangaroo hide and this one is as well made or better. This whip has a better role out and density then either of them.  I purchased this whip to have for the exercise in the winter when the hide whips don't fare well but so far this one may become my all the time whip.  Thank you very much for the hard work. You are truly an artist.
Sean Butler -Westfield, Indiana
This whip is amazing man it cracks wonderfully it feels great the specs I asked for were spot on. The weight is perfect the plaiting is nice and tight very nice roll out im glad I know how to make my own crackers because this whip eats them like candy. For those of you looking for a great whip that wont break your bank talk to dirk and his family they are wonderful people to work with very nice and dirk answered all my questions quickly. This is overall a great product I couldnt be happier with it I strongly recommend dirk adkins for your nylon whip needs thanks again dirk your the best.
Michael Frump - St. Joseph Missouri

I just wanted to let you know that the whip arrived this morning and it looks fantastic! I have a friend who is interested in learning to use a whip and I will definitely recommend he get his first whip from you.
Thank you for the great service :)
Aaron Brennan - Quebec, Canada
I see some guys out there claiming to be "masters" that cannot do as good of job as you are...:-) 
Rhett Kelley - Georgia